Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Performativity 1, 2006

The first installment of Performativity was put together by curators Thanavi Chotpradit (Thailand), Manuporn Luengaram (Thailand) and Khairuddin Hori (Singapore) in 2006. Artists were selected by a closed, invitational process.

Ana Prvacki
Papain Is In
2006, Singapore

Andree Weschler
Less Than 10 Minutes
2006, Singapore/France

Chanognun Tiraganchana
2006, Thailand

Lee Wen
Is Art Necessary?
2002, Singapore

Mitch Garcia
2006, The Philippines

Montri Toemsombat
Rice/Life, Ever-presence
2006, Thailand

Pitcahayapong Pissapan
2006, Thailand

Jedi Chula
2005, Thailand

Sharon Chin & Iskandar Razak
Making Night
2006, Malaysia

Ulrich Lau
Artist's Chronicles
2006, Singapore

Sunday, October 1, 2006

TUPADAXINGapore, Filipino Performance Art

Tupada Xing, a coined pedestrian acronym that means Tupada Crossing, with emphasis on the letter "X" that carries with it multilayered meanings: cross, action (aXn), extreme, export, exchange, express, cross-over, restricted, breaking away.

The essence of Tupada's International Tour for the year 2006 is encapsulated in the symbol X. Such is the nature of Tupada (both as cockfight and performance art activity). And for Tupada, the year 2006 is a year for breaking borders, crossing boundaries, meaningful and creative exchange and _expression, and a conscious breaking away from set conventions... and yes, even local and international restrictions to spontaneous street and public performances--the very nature of Tupada. Components of Tupada Xing are international performances and artistic ventures of Tupada members Asia, America and and Latin America.

T U P A D A X I N G a p o r e
26 October 2006 at Wunderspaze studio, Singapore

Maki Calilung - Published author, teacher, filmmaker and multimedia artist, Maki is a core member, and one of three active female artists of renowned Philippine action and multimedia art group TUPADA.

Manet Villariba - His performances, often incorporating sound art, have been presented on various platforms such as Philippines International Performance Art Festival (PIPAF) and TAMA ’06.

Thomas Daquoiag - In 2002, he was the recipient of the Dharmasiswa Arts and Culture Studies Grant in Bali, Indonesia whilst most recently, he has been granted the Asian Artist Freeman Fellowship by the Vermont Studio Center, USA. He has received
numerous accolades and awards including Jurors’ Choice in the Philip Morris Philippine Art Awards at the beginning of this millennium.

Ronaldo Ruiz - Aside from being a core member of TUPADA, he has performed several international performance art events in Australia, Japan, Thailand and of course, the Philippines. In addition, he has garnered for himself one of the most prestigious awards – the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ 13 Artists, as well as being selected as Juror’s Choice for the Philip Morris Philippine Art Awards.


Photos © 2006, Dirk Fleischmann

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Open SEA

Open SEA (Southeast Asia), the first of what is designed as series of presentations on (and of) emerging personalities of contemporary art practice from Southeast Asia. In this inaugural exhibition at The Substation curated by Singaporean artist Khairuddin Hori, Open SEA presents Lynn Lu, Sharon Chin and Patiroop Chychookiat.

Sharon Chin b.1980, Malaysia
Untitled (Newton's cradle), footballs & nylon threads

Patiroop Chychookiat b.1976, Thailand
Untitled (drawing to an arm's reach), lead drawing on back of pillar

Lynn Lu b.1974, Singapore
Untitled (performance with mother, Polly Lu)

In a collateral event on 5th August, public members are invited to spend a ‘day-out’ with the artists at the Wunderspaze studio. This ‘open’ 5-hour event where extreme ‘up-close’ experiences could be expected, departs from traditional formats of artist talks, forums or workshops employed to acquaint the public to artists’ creative thoughts and processes. Here, artists and participants could choose to view and share their favourite films, cook, play games, take a trip around the neighbourhood or simply share their personal experiences with art.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Rasa Singapura at The Land Foundation!

Leaving on a jet plane from this super-urban metropolitan concrete playground of Singapore and landing in the more serene environment of Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, Lilpinkdevil brought Rasa Singapura (A Taste of Singapore) to The Land Foundation. In this next stage of Lilpinkdevil’s participation in Wunderspaze’s Artist Development Programme, he embarks upon a three-week residency project at this “artistic and cultural space for young cultural activists with the intention to support self-knowledge through a variety of activities such as Vipassana meditation, yoga and art.”

Click here to see the project at Lil Pink Devil's blog

The artist giving a talk at The Land Foundation.

At the opening night of Rasa Singapura.

Rasa Singapura is supported with a grant from National Arts Council, Singapore.

Monday, May 1, 2006

Orkibal in the House!

Iron River Misadventures, solo exhibition by Orkibal (Malaysia) at Warong M Nasir on 69, Killiney Road, May 2006.