Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Performativity 1, 2006

The first installment of Performativity was put together by curators Thanavi Chotpradit (Thailand), Manuporn Luengaram (Thailand) and Khairuddin Hori (Singapore) in 2006. Artists were selected by a closed, invitational process.

Ana Prvacki
Papain Is In
2006, Singapore

Andree Weschler
Less Than 10 Minutes
2006, Singapore/France

Chanognun Tiraganchana
2006, Thailand

Lee Wen
Is Art Necessary?
2002, Singapore

Mitch Garcia
2006, The Philippines

Montri Toemsombat
Rice/Life, Ever-presence
2006, Thailand

Pitcahayapong Pissapan
2006, Thailand

Jedi Chula
2005, Thailand

Sharon Chin & Iskandar Razak
Making Night
2006, Malaysia

Ulrich Lau
Artist's Chronicles
2006, Singapore

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